A landmark venue, now available for private and intimate events.

The Patterson Mansion, once owned by socialite Eleanor Josephine Medill “Cissy” Patterson, has been the venue of choice for Washington’s elite for over a century. Its halls have hosted presidents and pioneers, from President Calvin Coolidge to aviator Charles Lindbergh. Located directly on DC’s iconic Dupont Circle and listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Patterson Mansion is the premier venue for intimate to grand events.

Exquisite Design

Restored and renovated with a blend of neoclassical heritage and contemporary sophistication by award winning designer Darryl Carter. The mansion features curated arts and spectacular spaces that will enchant your guests.

Effortless Events

Entertain with ease with delectable menus prepared by one of our preferred catering partners. From tasting menus to full-service banquets, our vendors can craft superb dishes and anticipate your every need.

Entertain to Scale

The mansion has stunning spaces to entertain from intimate to grand. The potential is unlimited. Welcome guests into your own personal mansion.

"Being able to share ideas and connect with people in a beautiful space with great service is critical to our business. The spaces at The Patterson Mansion are exquisite, the team is terrific, and we have greatly enjoyed their hospitality. Whether you're looking for a place to connect or a place to call home, 
we cannot recommend The Patterson Mansion enough!"                                                                                                                                                                                         
-Phil (IVY)
120 banquet rounds | 150 standing
120 banquet rounds | 150 standing
Soaring ceilings and opulent, intricate design details create an arresting event space, complete with a built-in bar and arrangeable seating.
    20 seated | 30 standing
    20 seated | 30 standing
    With a full chef’s kitchen, the kitchen is perfect for an intimate gathering in a unique space that blends historic and modern design.
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      34 seated | 50 standing
      34 seated | 50 standing
      Fireside chats, book signings, board meetings or intellectual discussions, the Library is made for conversation and cocktails.
        130 +
        Ampeer Residences
        180 seated | 200 standing
        180 seated | 200 standing
        Opulent architecture, rich historical significance, ample space, and modern amenities to accommodate a variety of event types.

          A Versatile Venue

          • Informal Bridal Luncheon
          • Elegant Cocktail Parties
          • Corporate Retreats
          • Social & University Club Meetings
          • Adult Milestone Events
          • Comfortable and Personal Dinner Parties
          • Social Luncheons
          • Power Breakfast/Lunch
          • Book Signing & Speaker Series
          • Association Board Meetings

          Join the Patterson Mansion Social Club

          We’re opening up our exclusive membership so you can stay connected and be productive during these uncertain times. Member benefits include:

          Daily Breakfast

          Start the day right with daily continental breakfast from 7:30AM-9AM.

          Fast WiFi

          Fast WiFi is available 24 hours a day in our social spaces, along with cable TV so you’re connected.

          Gourmet Coffee Bar

          Our Gourmet Coffee Bar is open 24 hours a day and features a range of espresso and tea drinks.

          Unlimited Printing

          Get unlimited printing in the Library, which is open as a business center for 24 hours a day for your convenience.

          Access to Social Spaces

          Our social spaces are perfect for meeting with a client or having a drink with a friend.

          Exclusive Discounts

          Exclusive discounts on hotel stays and private events.

          Seasonal Cocktail Program

          Access to our exclusive bar and seasonal cocktail programs

          *We ask that guests follow DC Guidelines for social distancing and remain 6 feet away from other guests and staff while using the common spaces.

          Membership Options







          Interested in becoming a member? Contact us today to learn more and sign up.

          Accommodations for Your Guests

          The Patterson Mansion is housed within Placemakr, the smarter way to stay.
          This dual-branded property offers 92 fully furnished residential units blending neoclassical heritage and contemporary sophistication. Well-suited for both short or extended stays, you and guests of your event can select from a range of spacious studio apartments and suites with special rates for groups.

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